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About Us

We were not born from a business plan, but from a driving vision.

Doing something transformative, directing the power of mentoring to give people the possibility
to act proactively in their personal development and continuous professional evolution.

Top2You Manifest

Who we are

Top2You is a company specialized in corporate mentoring that stands out in the market for
offering a B2B business model focused on leadership development and employee training.

We are recognized as one of the top 10 Edtech organizations in corporate education and in the top 100 Open Startups ranking.
We are a company with international operations, serving customers in more than 10 countries and offering our services in three languages.

Top2You targets customers of all sizes, including large companies who rate us with an average NPS of 92.

We have a network of 150 mentors, ranging from multinational CEOs to big-wave surfers, with the aim of always seeking a multiplicity of profiles and promoting diversity with inspiring people who are great references in their field. The mentoring model offered by Top2You is personalized and flexible, adapting to the needs of each company and ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Top2You believes that conversations shorten distances and transform people and companies; therefore, we work with the objective of connecting, inspiring and developing people. With an innovative approach focused on results, Top2You has established itself as a reference in corporate mentoring in the Brazilian market.

Top2You was born from the urgency of Simone Madrid, the company’s co-founder, to find a solution to the challenges she faced in her career. Simone realized that she needed to talk to someone to listen to alternatives and gain new insights, but she could not find an inspiring conversation service on the internet that would meet her demands. It was then that she had the vision of creating a platform to help other people who were going through the same situation. In 2017, Simone Madrid, Thiago Correia and Márcio Minuzzi founded Top2You