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Top2You has a complete range of solutions for online mentoring programs, whether you need to innovate or scale-up the mentoring practice in your company.

Innovation: High-impact external mentoring Top2You

Run a different program – with a qualified external look to oxygenate your organization – giving autonomy to participants to choose how to conduct their learning journey. You define a goal for the program, the number of sessions and invite the audience. Top2You creates an environment for registration, performs onboarding, monitoring participants and generating analytics for HR.

programa de mentoria autodirigida

Mentor Network

In this plug & play option, your teams have complete access to our network of 150 market reference mentors through our own platform for 60-minute high-impact mentoring sessions.

Our mentors are renowned professionals in their fields, with extensive experience in leadership, business and behavior. We work to provide high-level guidance, helping professionals identify strengths and areas for development, whether in an aspect of the person or the business.

Autonomy: Self-direction

At Top2You, participants choose mentors, write a briefing and define the best day and time for the session, all in an autonomous, simple and automated way. There is no forced match, as we believe in self-direction, that is, the participant is capable and responsible for deciding who to look for and what topic to address.

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Profile of Participants

We offer personalized mentoring for professionals at all stages of their careers, from seasoned leaders to young up-and-coming talent.

The company defines the audience for mentoring, however, we always advise that they are professionals capable of impacting the company’s current or future results, either due to their high potential and/or exceptional deliveries.


As HR, you have direct, real-time access to your program’s analytics in a statistical manner, with all of your teams’ indicators, but without briefing or session details, as we protect the confidentiality of this content, which is restricted to the mentee and mentor. We recurrently send weekly summaries with the KPIS of the program and hold checkpoint meetings for a joint
assessment of success indicators and continuous improvement measures.

Scaling-Up: Software and Services for Internal Mentoring

plataforma de mentores empresa

We can co-create bigger and better internal mentoring programs for your company. With Top2You you can scale-up internal programs that do not yet cover a relevant percentage of employees, or we can create a new program together, with no scale limit, with autonomy for your employees and without bureaucracy for HR. We put at your disposal our experience of
more than 10,000 hours of mentoring of various types: external, internal and even between companies.

Unlike external mentoring that oxygenates your organization with vision and market experts, internal mentoring has a proposal to maximize the company’s internal assets to leverage the organization’s specific culture and know-how potential. Internal mentoring programs generate substantial results when they accelerate and strengthen the process of creating internal networks and collaboration for a large percentage of employees.

However, one of the biggest problems is precisely the scale, which is very limited by the rigid design of these programs: forced matching (pairing), pre-established number of sessions, pace of pre-set sessions among other factors that allow control, but do not develop a learning culture.

This excessive focus on form/structure competes with monitoring the scope and evolution of participants towards the desired results.

For Top2You, we must have an objective structure for the program, success metrics, eligibility criteria, among other characteristics. However, regarding the learning experience, it must be self-directed, that is, participants choose who to talk to, when to talk and what to discuss. This is the design that allows you to scale without limits, as it eliminates the administrative overhead of matching and rematching: when a pair lacks affinity or engagement, or, for example, when one of the parties leaves the company.

Another limitation that also disappears with our program design is the competition of schedules, as Top2You mentors must book a predefined volume of times compatible with their schedule, which are available to everyone and are occupied according to demand.

In addition to the practical aspects of the program, our customizable white label platform allows your company to define an environment with a visual identity, language, profile model and specific filters.

plataforma de mentores interna
plataforma de mentores

Finally, the company has at its disposal the Top2You support services for the complete management of processes from preparing mentors to monitoring sessions and program results.