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Welcome to Top2You: Accelerating Companies with High-Impact Mentoring

At Top2You, we transform corporate challenges into exceptional growth opportunities. As a leader in the B2B mentoring market, we offer unique solutions that drive talent development and improve organizational performance.

Recognition of Excellence: Top 6 Open EdTech StartUps Award 

In 2023, Top2You was honored with the Top 6 Open EdTech StartUps
Award. It was a recognition of our unique model approach to corporate education. We are committed to raising standards and driving the future of business mentoring.

Our Solutions: Taking Your Business to New Heights

Top2You High Impact

Designed to accelerate the development of leaders and talents with high-impact mentoring. It aims to solve common challenges faced by companies, such as talent management, retention, succession pipeline, and critical skills development.

With access to a select team of 150 mentors, your employees can choose the professionals best suited to their needs.

This self-directed approach solves common and alarming challenges faced by companies, such as team development, inspirational leadership, career path development, effective and assertive communication, and leadership and change management.

By choosing Top2You High Impact, you can partner with a team that drives sustainable growth and organizational excellence.

By Top2You

Simplifies and scales your internal mentoring program. It optimizes your processes and generates more results with less effort by offering a white-label, intuitive, and Top2You-managed platform. internal mentoring program, this solution is ideal for you.

By registering your mentor managers and mentored employees on our platform, you simplify the administration of the program and enhance results.

With By Top2You, your company will have a powerful tool to maximize the impact of its internal mentoring program without complications.

Top2You ESG

The solution for companies committed to driving affirmative agendas. With programs like Conecta and Conversas Inspiradoras, we accelerate the careers of black professionals and promote the advancement of women in leadership positions. We embrace your objective and develop a program for you.

By choosing Top2You ESG, your company contributes to building a more equal and innovative work environment.

If your affirmative agenda is not yet covered by one of our programs (LGBTQIA+, PwD, and others), we can innovate and co-create!

Join us and be part of positive change with Top2You ESG solutions.

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